Sevilla in 2 Days

Flamenco, oranges, and beer. Legend says Seville was founded by the Greek God Hercules. It is one of the largest historical centres and has so many historical layers for visitors to unfold.

My first thoughts reaching Seville by plane from Barcelona were: I love this place already, I love Seville. Sure enough, that didn’t change as I explored Seville during my stay. The place we rented out definitely made a huge impact on my love for Seville – the traditional balconies and windows overlooked the narrow, colourful, cobblestone streets of the old city.



This picturesque place is any photographers heaven – you could probably spend hours finding hidden gems in the city. Something you may notice in Seville are the colourful mosaic tiles decorating many of the traditional buildings. Since Seville was taken in by the Moors of North Africa long ago, you’ll notice the Moorish aesthetics in architecture similar to places like Morocco (which actually isn’t too far away and definitely next on my bucket list).

Here is a rough itinerary if you ever plan on travelling to Sevilla for a short getaway.

Day 1: 

9:00 am Grab churros and coffee for breakfast at a local cafe

10:00 am Walk through the narrow and colourful streets of Santa Cruz 

I found that Sevilla was MUCH smaller than Barcelona – everything was definitely very ‘walkable’ in terms of distance. The streets were narrower with pops of colours and intricate designs everywhere.


11:00 am Visit the Real Alcazar – the oldest European palace which used to be a Moorish fortress. It is a great place to see mudejar architecture – a blend of both Christian and Moorish techniques. 

If you go during the day – be sure to bring water, Sevilla is scorching hot and the sun just never stops shining. The Alcazar is also quite large – so make sure to leave enough time for you to enjoy the palace without being in a rush!



1:00 pm Visit La Giralda and Sevilla Cathedral

Did you know that the cathedral is always the tallest building in cities here in Spain? You can see the cathedral from anywhere – it was really a guiding point for us and gave me way better sense of direction.


2:00 pm Find a local restaurant to eat Arroz (a dish similar to Paella, with a more wet base) 

We tried both arroz de negro (squid ink) and arroz de marisco (seafood). If you are visiting from Barcelona – it’s good to know that the portions in Sevilla are much larger. This definitely took us a while to adjust to.

4:00 pm SIESTA time! Find something relaxing – this is most likely also one of the hottest parts of the day.

5:00 pm Head over to Placa de Espagne – take a boat ride and admire the beautiful mosaic tiles covering the bridges 

Placa de Espagne
Placa de Espagne


7:00 pm Wander through the Jardin de Maria Louise 

9:00 pm Get tapas for dinner in the old city 

11:00 pm Visit a local bar to try some of their Sevillian Beer! (Cruzcampo is their local beer, but they also have Sevillan craft beers!) 

Day 2: 

10:00 am Visit the Metropol Parasol – go to the top, admire gorgeous views of Seville and get your free drink (for only 3 euros!!). 

This was probably one of my favourite views in Seville – it looked like a stairway to heaven at the top! I also just love my views from up top.



11:00 am Walk to Calle Sierpes and browse through shops.

If you aren’t into the shopping scene – you can always walk to the Hercules columns! I heard this was a great place to visit, although unfortunately I didn’t get a chance!

2:00 pm Grab lunch at a restaurant on Calle Sierpes – if you walk down the street there are so many great tapas bars to try! 

Some particular tapas I would recommend are chipirones (fried baby squids) and gambas (grilled prawns). There are so many others – but these two were some of my favourites!

4:00 pm Walk to the Triana Area – catch a boat tour down the river to see all of Seville’s main attractions in one go. 

8:00 pm Grab dinner by the river and watch the sunset. 

For me – 2 days was the perfect length for my stay at Sevilla. I really felt like I learned a lot about Sevilla’s history and since everything is in walking distance – it was easy to get a lot done. Thanks so much for having me Sevilla!

xx Genevive xx


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