Wandering Streets of Barcelona

Barcelona in three words. Tapas…tapas…and tapas. No, but seriously, aside from the tapas everywhere you go, you’re going to want to admire the beautiful architecture on every corner, enjoy the nightlife, sangrias, and shop till you drop! Walking down the streets, every time I told myself that would be the last store I stepped into, that was a lie. As a Canadian, I was definitely not accustomed to their meal times (dinner at 9:00pm), but after talking to many locals, I was committed to getting the most out of my experience in Spain and be Spanish for a week. I could probably ramble on and on about my experience, but I’ll leave it at that for this post. Barcelona has so much to offer, and definitely worth the stay to explore and immerse into their culture!

Las Ramblas

In Spanish, La Rambla, means river bed; also the name of Barcelonas’ most famous promenade for both tourists and locals. Las Ramblas is approximately 1.3 km from around Placa Cataluyna to the port. Wandering down this historic street, you can catch glimpses of small eclectic cafes and boutiques, admire the intricate architecture (including some of Gaudi’s works), stop and eat tapas, or even people watch on a bench.


La Boqueria 

Barcelona’s most popular market for tourists on Las Ramblas – La Boqueria; was originally born as a travelling market, but we are unsure of its origins till this day. We visited in the morning to see all the colours in the market – from the fresh fruit, seafood, nuts, to meats.

Also don’t forget to visit other popular places like La Sagrada Familia, the Barrio Gotica area (gothic quarter and Medieval City of Barcelona during the Middle Ages), and Park Guell to admire some of Gaudi’s most beautiful work!

Adios amigos!

xx Genevive xx




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