X.O.X.O. Gossip Girl

This just in.

SoHo, Manhattan

G spotted on the streets of SoHo, Manhattan, wearing her long grey wool coat, blanket scarf, white lace top, and thigh high boots. Where is she headed next? The Kylie Jenner pop-up store may have been closed, but that definitely did not stop her.



Greenwich Village


Flatiron Building

G, if you were trying to catch a look at the Flatiron building, we think you may have been looking the wrong way. But, then again, it is all about the angles sometimes, right Upper Eastsiders?


Central Park

G spotted on a rock in Central Park. Getting comfy there? February may not have been the best time to catch that greenery and warmth of walking through the park, but it was definitely something.


Times Square

Last on today’s list, G and G having a good time in Times Square and living up to their Gossip Girl dreams. Friends who travel together, stay together! Glad to know G and G can count on each other for anything! (Even if it means running a 5K on the streets of Manhattan with full baggage to catch a bus back to Toronto…)



Until next time…

xoxo, Genevive


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